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foster care workers

Every child in Virginia should be in a loving home. The social workers responsible for each child in foster care are crucial to this being possible. 

A child who stays with one caseworker has a 70% chance to achieve a permanent and stable living situation.


But, if the child has two caseworkers in one year, their chances at a stable, loving home plummet to 17%


1 out of 4  social workers leave the foster care system due to burnout.

An alarming amount of social workers stop working in foster care after just 18 months.


Foster care social workers do some of the most important work that exists: helping and healing vulnerable children.


But Virginia's foster care system, like many other states, is chronically overwhelmed, under paid, and understaffed.

Social workers are usually carrying caseloads far above the recommended levels. They see more trauma and pain in a day than most of us see in our lifetimes.

But you can help!

social worker appreciation

Below are some examples of ways to show social workers that they are valued and supported by the people in their community.

Connect with your local social services agency and asking what they need. (It may take several tries to get to the right person. Please contact us if you are having trouble.)

Organize a "Thank you" drive at your church or business where you write a note, drop off special snacks and drinks for the staff to enjoy.

Drop of themed presents or treats for any special holiday (Ex: New Year's, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Mother's Day, etc.)

Host a summer or holiday appreciation party with your faith community, hobby group, or place of business.

Just to name a few!

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