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We work with Creatives and Influencers of all types - and are always looking to discuss ways to highlight foster care, bring awareness to the children and families.


Contact us with your ideas, and let’s find a way to partner!

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Andy Edmunds

- Director, VA Film Office -

“I call upon my friends in the film making community to help tell these stories. Filmmaking is about telling stories… so let’s tell these kids’ stories because that is what will make people motivated to reach out and help.”


Todd Wright

- Videographer -

"I love being able to use my creative background to help VKB connect kids with safe and loving families.
These kids often feel invisible and my hope is that through our partnership we can shine a light on these children and show the world how much love they have to share."

LEGIN pic.jpg

Nigel "Legin" Anderson

- Musician -

"I come from a fatherless background, so I understand abandonment and rejection.  That said, I still had a great home. So my heart goes out to children who struggle with feeling like they aren't important enough to belong...I make hip hop to offer hope to the hopeless, and I fully support VKB because they're giving all they can to do the same."


Stacie Marshall

- Photographer -

"If by simply using your creative gifts, you could help a child find his forever family, why wouldn't you?"

Examples of creative partnerships


Adoption Video Shoots

Videographer, photographer, artist, athlete? Partner with us for our I Belong Project Video Shoots, where we help showcase children in foster care who are available for adoption and help connect them with a loving forever family.


Pre-Release Screening

Paramount Pictures partnered with Virginia's Kids Belong to do a special pre-screening of the film Instant Family. A local theater served as the venue and even provided free popcorn!


Special guests

We have special guest "creatives" attend events or volunteer their talents in unique ways to support children in foster care. Pictured on the left, a local painter joined our video shoot day and taught the kids color-theory. They then got to take their art with them.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 12.47.18


Getting free tickets to Nascar was a dream come true for a group of kids in foster care. Any and all similar gifts are fantastic ways to partner with VKB and bring joy to kids in tough circumstances.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 12.47.18


Videographers, producers, bloggers and photographers tell the stories of foster, kinship, and adoptive kids and families to inspire and encourage others.

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