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meet virginia's kids


featured on
WTVR-CBS6 during November

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Watch full videos by clicking on the photos.
To learn more about adopting any of these young people please complete the Inquiry form on their video page.

Aired Nov 1
Joseph H.png

Meet Joseph!
14 years old
Joseph is independent, driven and expressive about his passions and thoughts.

Aired Nov 2

Meet Alyssa!

14 years old

J“Nobody is perfect and I’ve made mistakes, but I hope that doesn’t stop me from being adopted.”

Aired Nov 3

Meet Breanna!

16 years old

She believes that everyone should be treated equally and wants to be a nurse practitioner. 

Aired Nov 4

Meet Breylin!

12 years old

"Parents would take care of me...and I would love to do my part!"

Aired Nov 5

Meet Eliza!

15 years old

"My favorite holidays are Christmas & Thanksgiving because that when family comes together."

Aired Nov 6

Meet Ivory!

12 years old

Ivory loves a good "jump scare" and wants to be a fireman.

Aired Nov 8

Meet Jimmy!

14 years old

immy is kind, bright, thoughtful & fun to be around. His infectious smile lights up the room.

Aired Nov 10

Meet Kate!

13 years old

Kate likes everything winter has to offer including building snowmen, sledding and having snowball fights.

Aired Nov 12

Meet Maddie!

16 years old

“If I had three wishes…everybody would have a shelter, there would be world peace & no wars.”

Aired Nov 14

Meet Savannah!

11 years old

If Savannah could change the world she would “make everything prettier and…more land for animals.”

Aired Nov 16

Meet Richard!

14 years old

“Belonging means to me actually having someone who loves you for who you are.”

Aired Nov 18

Meet Beverlin!

13 years old

Beverlin stands up for her friends. She doesn't like bullies and she will always fight for the vulnerable.

Aired Nov 20

Meet Tino!

14 years old

Tino has a childlike wonder that makes him incredibly special. His autism doesn't slow down his enthusiasm for life.

Aired Nov 22
Hand to Hold 2023 Headshots.png

Meet Michael!

14 years old

Michael is looking for consistent adults willing to invest time in getting to know him, building trust, and teaching him new things.

Aired Nov 24
Toni C.png

Meet Toni!

15 years old

Toni has a “bubbly personality” and loves to sing and dance!

Aired Nov 26

Meet Leyem!

12 years old

"A grown up is supposed to be honest, trustworthy and just be there for you."

Aired Nov 28

Meet Malek!

19 years old

“If I could change the world, food would be free!” Malek is looking for a family to help him make his dreams come true.

Aired Nov 7

Meet James!

13 years old

James has an infectious smile and laugh. He is kind, joyful and empathetic.

Aired Nov 9

Meet Karma!

8 years old

“I want people to know I am very funny and I like to make people laugh."

Aired Nov 11

Meet Liliana!

15 years old

Family is “someone who is there for you when you really need them.”

Aired Nov 13

Meet Malachi!

13 years old

Malachi is a kind and loyal person with a good heart. He hopes a family will see his potential.

Aired Nov 15

Meet Michael!

13 years old

Michael is very curious, outgoing, creative & just wants a home where he feels safe, loved, and accepted.

Aired Nov 17
Jeobany (Kelvin).png

Meet Jeobany (Kelvin)!

17 years old

Jeobany's perfect family speaks Spanish & English and loves classic Rock & Roll.

Aired Nov 19

Meet Eve!

13 years old

When Eve grows up she would like to be the President!

Aired Nov 21

Meet Serenity!

15 years old

“I want to belong in a family because I don’t want to be in foster care forever…so I’m not alone.”

Aired Nov 23

Meet Kiki!

10 years old

McKinleigh (who goes by Kiki) is a fun, sassy, artistic, loving child who brightens everyone’s day! 

Aired Nov 25
Lloyd (Evan).png

Meet Lloyd!

17 years old

Lloyd (Evan) is determined to reach his goals. "In the future I want to…become the best version of myself.”

Aired Nov 27
Hand to Hold 2023 Headshots (1)_edited.jpg

Meet Tony & Zewina! (2 videos)

13 & 14 years old

Tony & Zewina are full of love and their smiles are brightest when they are together. They hope to be adopted together.

Aired Nov 29
Aired Nov 23

Meet Izzy!

17 years old

“I want to belong in a family because I need someone to care for me”

Aired Nov 30

Meet Justin!

16 years old

Justin loves to have fun, and also has a sensitive side, He's very attuned and empathetic to others. 

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