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Terms of Use


Please take the time to read the following statements closely. When accessing Virginia’s Kids Belong website, you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms of Use, which includes the Virginia's Kids Belong Privacy Policies.




Copyright of any text,  graphics, and publications in this website is owned by Virginia's Kids Belong:


Texts included in the website may be used, downloaded, reproduced or reprinted so long as the materials are not modified in any way and that appropriate acknowledgement of Virginia’s Kids Belong appears in and on all copies. You may not misrepresent our name or logos for your own use to imply sponsorship or endorsement with our organizations in any way.


The rights in photographs, illustrations, artworks and other graphic and audiovisual materials published to this website, including publications, are held by Virginia’s Kids Belong. In order to use, reproduce, or reprint any photograph, illustrations, artwork or other graphic and audiovisual materials, you must obtain written permission from our organization prior to your use, regardless of cause.


Publications found on this website are published or funded by the Virginia’s Kids Belong organization and affiliated with our work. The publications are protected by copyright (?). Publications posted on this website may be used, downloaded, reproduced or reprinted according to the organization’s Copyright Policy.


External Links

Links to other sites found on this website are to have and be related to information that is provided as a convenience to your uses. Virginia’s Kids Belong are not responsible for their supervision, other linked content on that site, or any of its content.

Disclaimer and Liability

While we take our website seriously, the accuracy or guranteeship of Information found on this website does not make Virginia’s Kids Belong responsible for any damages of any sort. Any information that you use or rely on from this website is at your own risk.

By using our website and its content, you agree that Virginia's Kids Belong cannot be held liable for any losses or expenses you may incur from violating these Terms of Use or our Privacy Policies.

Virginia’s Kids Belong has the right to change policies, information and disclaimers concerning the access and use of this website at any time. We encourage all of our users or visitors to check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies regularly as you are held responsible to review the changes. You are bound by the most updated version of our Terms of Use each time you access or use our website.

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