Virginia has over 5,200 children who are in the foster care system through no fault of their own. Of these children, on any given day over 850 are legally free for adoption and are waiting for their forever family. The rest of the children need a loving, safe, and supportive foster family to care for them while they wait to go home to their biological families.

THE social cost

Permanence and a sense of belonging are crucial to the development of a child. A loving, safe, and supportive family provides both of these things. When a child is without a family, the results can be tragic.
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THE financial cost

Every child who ages out of the foster care system costs taxpayers and communities an average of
over the child's lifetime
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THE solution?

Collaborative Effort (1).png
A collaborative effort uniting
child welfare
government officials
to ensure every child in Virginia
is in a loving home.