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Minister David Giles

"This issue transcends geography; it’s an opportunity for faith communities to work together. Tackling this issue impacts other issues too (human trafficking, homelessness, etc). Most encouraging, this issue really seems solvable."


Pastor David Platt

 "I am convinced that God has designed the church uniquely to care for children in need. We cannot shirk the opportunity and responsibility we have to be a part of the solution for over 5,000 children right now in Virginia."


Pastor Kevin and Lauren Tremper

"We understand that not all people are called and equipped to adopt, but we are all called to engage with vulnerable children in one way or another."


Pastors Stan and

Angie Grant

“There are many folks who are sitting in our congregations looking for what God has for them. This is a great way for people to get involved in His work.”

 In Virginia, there are approximately 5,400 children in foster care.

About 800 children are in need of an adoptive home.

Most counties struggle to have enough foster homes to meet the growing number of children entering custody.

Every child deserves a place to belong

They need a family that calls them their own either temporarily through foster care or forever through adoption. But there are far more children looking for a family than there are foster or adoptive homes.

But the solution is simple. The solution is YOU!


Your faith community can rewrite this story for children in foster care

and the families in your congregation.

To rewrite the stories of children in foster care, we help faith communities develop a tailor-made program that fits the identity of their church.


Our Faith Kit with best practices and resources is also available to partner faith organizations. 










This faith kit is designed to be done in partnership with Virginia’s Kids Belong and other faith leaders.  To explore a partnership with us and access this faith kit, please email or click “FAITH PARTNER REGISTRATION” below. 

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